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10 Best Cat Names! At Your Pets Service (Victoria Gregory)

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Poisonous Plants to Cats

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Nutrition Tips for Kittens

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Care and Behavior Tips

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Toxic Plants READ

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Heliotrope is highly toxic, causes total liver destruction..sadly a dachshund died from ingesting this plant. Click this Blue Link for a list of other toxic plants>>> friends, we got the biopsy report back and with great sorrow I must share this....Our darling girl died from the toxin in this plant that I have on my deck. It is called heliotrope and is highly toxic, causes total liver destruction. The pathologist said our angel had the worst liver damage he's ever seen. Goldie would nibble at the leaves of this plant every so often and we had no clue it was toxic. (It can come in white or purple.) Please share with any dog owners you know to hopefully prevent their dog from becoming a statistic like Goldie. We are even more heartbroken now knowing her death was preventable. Please share her story so that something positive may come of it and create awareness of toxic plants. Our own vet had no idea this was a toxic plant!!

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