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Is it fact or fiction? Poinsettias are highly toxic to pets.

Posted on 5 December, 2011 at 22:41
Is it fact or fiction? Poinsettias are highly toxic to pets.

"It's not good for our pet to eat from a Poinsettia plant. It's going to give them a stomach ache, but it is not the dramatically poisonous plant that we were all taught that they were," says Rhonda Manville with the Seattle Humane Society. "So keep them out of the way of your pets for sure."

Manville says you really need to be careful with Mistletoe.

"Mistletoe contains a lot of toxins. So if you're going to hang Mistletoe at your house you might want to put a little bit of a netting around it so that the berries don't fall to the ground and then your dog comes by and eats it."

You also want to keep your critters away from Holly berries, Amaryllis and Jerusalem Cherry.

The Seattle Humane Society's Rhonda Manville says there are plenty of plants you can use for holiday decorations that are no threat to your pets.

"Christmas Cactus is a really beautiful plant, also Africa Violets, Boston Fern and Coleus."

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